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Equipping you with tools to help you become financially savvy, build wealth and leave a legacy.

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"Lateisha puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. She has given me sound advice and helped direct me in financial matters. I feel confident in recommending the financial services she provides"

Lalaneya F., Hawaii

CEO of Energize Your Way

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"This helped me identify my financial barriers, thank you. Since then, I have been able to generate more money in my business."

Maureen M., Florida
Course Creator


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"The way in which she delivers the information…finance, your pocketbook is a private thing specifically for female business owners. Lateisha breaks in down in an approachable way for people to understand it and digest it."

Cheldin B.R., Pennsylvania
CEO/Executive Producer of This Is It TV

What You'll Get

The Financial Toolkit includes the following...

Financial Toolkit Video Course

A 3-part video course; comprising of 17 instructional videos in the areas of money management,  investing, building wealth, and more so you can increase your net worth. Each video contains an assignment to help you take action.

Financial Toolkit Resource Guide

Additional financial information, suggested readings, and more.

Wealth & Wellness App

A global membership community for women who desire exposure for her business and access to resources in the areas of: money, marketing, and business management.

Get more help with the Financial Toolkit Resource Guide.

Get additional information to help guide you through your financial journey.


Get access to the money & business app for women.

Mastermind with like-minded women from across the globe, get exposure for your business and access to resources in the areas of: money, marketing, business management and more.

Meet Your Coach

Lateisha Johnson is a Prosperity Coach, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist and Creator of Wealth & Wellness Network; a wealth education and business app for entrepreneurial women. Through her brand, she is leading the charge of changing communities through financial literacy.

Formerly working with companies such as CNN News and CBS Radio, Lateisha implements various programs that teach others how to live abundantly and promotes overall financial well-being. She is also on a mission to educate women on how to have a better relationship with their money and generational wealth. In addition, Lateisha has held Life Insurance, Series 6, and Series 63 Licenses in several states. She has been featured in numerous publications, on various television networks and has won several awards.

Currently, she lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but she often travels to Ghana in West Africa to further the mission of her organization as the Co-Founder of Less Privileged Ghana Foundation.


We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know it's for me?

If you are serious about making your finances a priority, then Financial Toolkit is for you! Whether to get control of your personal finances or to translate healthy money habits into your business, Financial Toolkit will guide you towards financial freedom. A variety of entrepreneurs have found it helpful for generating income, managing budgets, saving and growing their money.

What can I expect?

Over the course of three weeks, you will receive an email daily with a new video. Each week will focus on a comprehensive understanding of what that particular section before proceeding to the step. Each video has an activity to help you take action and really grasps each concept.

What makes it different from other courses?

Financial Toolkit provides education and accountability in a simple, efficient way. Unlike other financial programs that use a lot of jargon, is long and boring, Financial Toolkit completely the opposite. It offers short videos that are easy to consume in a way that's conversational. It saves you time and helps you digest the information better.

Also, the activities and coaching allows you actually take action!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee?

100% of your purchase will be refunded back to you when requested within 7 days of purchase. The tools in Financial Toolkit are proven wealth-building strategies. The money back guarantee is a means to give you peace of mind with no risk.